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Nursing Services

We provide immunizations, disease investigation and surveillance, and educate the public in partnership with the Health Awareness Regional Program (HARP).

Adult & Child Immunizations

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Make sure you’re up to date on important immunizations

18 Years or older Immunization Schedule Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule

How to use the adult immunization schedule

18 Years or older Immunization Schedule

Step 1

Determine recommended vaccinations by age in Table 1 of attachment above

Step 2

Assess need for additional vaccinations by medical condition or other indication in Table 2 of attachment above

Step 3

Review vaccine types, dosing frequencies and intervals, and considerations for special circumstances in Notes of attachment above

Step 4

Review contraindications and precautions for vaccine types in Appendix of attachment above

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For questions regarding our services, like immunizations, please contact:

Grant Project Manager

Valeria Melendez