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Promoting Health First, Together.

Health is our focus.

Welcome to the Bergen County Needs Assessment, a comprehensive analysis aimed at understanding the challenges, strengths, and priorities of our community. This assessment serves as a vital tool for policymakers, service providers, and community members alike, guiding efforts to address critical issues and improve the well-being of all residents. Dive into detailed reports, data visualizations, and summaries that highlight key trends, disparities, and opportunities for intervention. Whether you’re a policymaker seeking evidence-based solutions or a concerned resident eager to make a difference, this information empowers you to take informed action.


CHIP of Bergen County

The Community Health Improvement Partnership (CHIP) of Bergen County is comprised of more than 50 community organizations, businesses, schools, hospitals and also private citizens that are stakeholders in the health of the county. There are currently two task forces, the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Task Force (MHSATF) and the Nutrition and Physical Activity Task Force (NPATF), staffed by volunteers from these organizations along with individuals all working toward creating a healthier Bergen County. CHIP members develop, implement and promote initiatives to improve the health and lives of people who live, work, or attend school in Bergen County.